Get Active at Silvies Valley Ranch

Founded in 1883, Silvies Valley Ranch is a modern-day working ranch that raises certified, organic cattle and American Range goats using riding and driving horses. Western adventures such as shooting, cattle roundup, goat herding, fishing, exploring, wagon rides, Indian cave tours, hiking, biking, a spa and more can all be found on the ranch - defining the overall serenity and impression that makes Silvies Valley Ranch a must-see destination for visitors far and wide.

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The image of the American West brings to mind renegade spirits who value straightforwardness, tradition, resilience and a comedic sense of relaxation. Whether you're looking to play one of Silvies' world-class golf courses, experience an authentic cattle drive, test your skills at the shooting range, hike the 140,000 acres of land or simply relax in the spa, Silvies Valley Ranch has something for everyone.

  • Cowboy Experience - 1/2 Day PP$380
  • Herder Experience - 1/2 Day PP$380
  • Wildlife Experience - 1/2 Day PP$380
  • Ranch Tour - 3 hours up to 4 Guests$180
  • Ranch Tour (Day Guest) - 3 hours$250
  • Fishing with Guide (in season) - 2 hours$220
  • Fishing without Guide (lake)$40
  • The Milky Way Up Close$20
  • Learning to Drive a Horse Team$20
  • Horseback Riding - 2 hours*
  • Photography of Ancient Trees - 3 hours*


Test your hand at shooting one of Silvies Valley Ranch's three gun ranges - the Rifleman Rage, the Sharpshooter Range and the Pistolero Range. The Rifleman Range features Western-style offhand shooting, with a variety of firearm options. Experience long range buffalo hunter-style shooting on the Sharp Shooter Range and take a "shot" at the Pistolero Range, offering pistol shooting classes.
* All range training and procedures comply with or exceed NRA standards.

  • The Rifleman Range $95
  • The Sharpshooter Range $110
  • The Pistolero Range $155
  • Non-Shooter $20
  • Extra Ranger$80


Opening in 2018, the spa and fitness center at Silvies Valley Ranch will provide welcomed relaxation and rejuvenation from the stimulating days at the ranch. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project.


Goat Herding


Silvies Valley Ranch made development of an "American Range Goat" one of the highest priorities on the ranch in 2012. Join the Silvies team on a tour of the goat facilities, play with the kids, and watch as the goats are herded across the prairies.


Cattle Drives

Join real cowboys on an authentic cattle drive, coming face-to-face with the great American West. Ride through the fields as hundreds of cattle are driven, learning first-hand the innovative practices that have given Silvies Valley Ranch the reputation as a leader in introducing sustainable practices to the livestock industry.



While climbing natural ridges and walking through open prairies, guests will find themselves face-to-face with the great American West and all of its inhabitants. Visitors will have the chance to explore the grounds that were previously inhabited by Native Americans and worked by Pioneers.



Hit the trails on one of Silvies Valley Ranch's XX mountain bikes. Pedal through the Ranch's 140,000 acres, home to mountain meadows, Ponderosa Pines, the banks of the Silvies River and more. Trails vary in difficulty to suit the skills of beginners and experts alike, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the Western frontier.

  • Bike Rentals & Trails - 4 hours$25